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Windows 8 Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard And Mouse: What To Expect


Windows 8 Mobile Keyboard and Mouse: What To Expect

With new Windows 8 software coming out, Microsoft is throwing all kinds of neat little goodies in to go with it, including two new devices, the “Windows 8 Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard” and the “Wedge Touch Mouse”.

Let’s start with the keyboard.  I have not personally tested one out (yet), but here is what I do know:

This neat device is made specifically for tablets, but will connect with any current operating system — tablet, computer or otherwise. It is wireless (of course), the same size as an average keyboard, and said to be surprisingly light weight.

Insert two AA batteries, push a button on the side to activate the Bluetooth connection, and voila! You’re hooked up.

While the keyboard is an average size, the keys are spaced close together, possible cause for a few mistakes if you are a fast typist.  Along the top row of keys (where F1 –F12 are) there are some additional keys, (or “Charms” as Windows calls them) made just for Windows 8. They include the short-cut to search, share, devices, and settings.  However it does lack the universal ‘hot keys’ that work in non-Microsoft operating systems.

The battery compartment in back juts out just enough for it to be used as a stand. The board itself is angled just-so, to allow easy placement for your hands (it is suggested that you use a table underneath for some sort for additional support under  your wrists).

The Windows 8 Wedge Keyboard come with a durable rubberized cover and a stand for your tablet.

Now here’s the cool Part; they are one in the same! Once you remove the cover you can fold it in half and it turns into an instant stand.

This cover also acts as a “life-saver” for your keyboard. Once on the keyboard, there is a special magnet inside designed to automatically turn your keyboard off to save its battery power, and turn right back on when you take it off.

Once released, it’ll be $79.95. Along with the Windows 8 Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, Microsoft will be releasing the ‘Wedge Touch Mouse’ as well.

You can hook the mouse up to any PC or device that uses Bluetooth. It is extremely tiny, small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s square, tapered wedge shape is designed for you to hold between your thumb and ring or middle finger, using your index finger to swipe and click. It has single four-way scrolling, leaving no need for buttons or a scroll wheel. You simply tap to click and swipe to scroll, allowing it to be used on any surface.

If you are using the Wedge Touch Mouse with Windows 8 and the Wedge Mobile Keyboard, you can add additional settings for taps and swipes, along with “gaming mode” to help gaming become easier.

Much like the Wedge Mobile Keyboard, the   Wedge Touch Mouse has life-save mode, turning off when its Bluetooth paired PC shuts off or goes into Sleep mode. To let you know when it’s on there is a little green light shining through on top. Underneath are the controls to turn pairing on/off, and a side slot for one AA battery.

When released, expected price is $69.99.

The slight downside to these devices designed for use with Bluetooth technology is that you can’t use them on an airplane due to absence of a Wi-Fi connection, but most airlines won’t allow you to use any wireless devices on board anyway.

The unofficial release date is rumored to be October 26th, 2012.

There has been a lot of hype, and secrecy surrounding these upcoming gadgets. Will Microsoft live up to it? We shall see.

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