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Would You Eat Insects?

Katharina Unger would! In fact, she even created the Farm 432 to help others to eat and grow their own insects.

The Farm 432 lets people grow their own cool source of protein in the form of black soldier fly larvae. I know it sounds a little disgusting. I mean, larvae isn’t something you normally would find on a dinner table, but in other countries it’s actually quite common to enjoy an insect snack or two here and there. In fact, around 2 billion people all over the world eat bugs, according to the UN. Not only do insects make a better source of protein than traditional meat, they’re also significantly cheaper.

If you take a 100 grams of insect and a 100 grams of ground beef and put them side by side, you’d be more tempted to chow down on the beef, but take a look at the nutritional stats.


Don’t believe me? Just look at this.

In 100 grams of insect there are roughly 96 calories, and in a 100 grams of beef there are around 285. That’s a 180+ more calories. On top of that, the insect meat would be 72% protein and 17% fat while the beef would be only 52% protein and 48% fat. That’s a pretty big difference, right?

Have I convinced you to give an insect a try yet?


Come on, they really aren’t that bad, albeit a tad crunchy.

Even if you think eating bugs is the most disgusting thing in the world, you should still check out Farm 432. It is pretty amazing.


In just 432 hours (hence the name), it turns a single gram of black soldier fly eggs into 2.4 kilograms or 2,400 grams of larvae protein. That is a lot of protein. (A little over five pounds.)

Not only does Farm 432 makes a ton of food, it does so easily and is a breeze to maintain. Black soldier fly adults don’t eat, and the larvae can be fed with bio waste. The entire production costs no water or C02.

Here, check out how it works.

Like I said, it’s pretty simple. So, what do you guys think of the Farm 432?

I think we might just see these sitting on kitchen counters within the next few years. I mean, I could see myself eating crickets with my ramen. What about you all?

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