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‘Tomb Raider’ Review – Lara Croft in Uncharted Territories

“Tomb Raider” is Reborn

I believe this is the “Tomb Raider” we’ve been waiting for. I say that with the highest regard because every time I see anything on a new “Tomb Raider” title, my bones get excited. Not only is Lara Croft the hottest video game character created since Zelda, she’s also a kick-ass archaeologist. In this installment we see a complete reboot of the Lara Croft we all know so well. Knowing that, don’t let it get you down because it’s an amazing thing. The Lara Croft we see here is a young, 21-year-old; full of high hopes and aspirations. Little does she know that she’s going to learn everything that makes her Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.


This new “Tomb Raider” has rejuvenated the name of Lara Croft in every form and fashion. Everything from the graphics, to the controls and even the dialogue were made to smoothly compliment each other. The graphics are phenomenal on any console or PC. As far as I know, this game wasn’t out to create the most stunning scenery in console history but it does a dang good job at competing with games like “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Rage.”

Along with fantastic graphics the dialogue seems to be pretty balanced. With very minimal cheesy lines or lines that don’t make sense, it allows you to feel more involved in the story. This feel is something that I believe many games have been missing and maybe more developers should have been working on. Now I’m not saying there aren’t any cheesy or horribly written lines because there are a few. However, the gameplay and action work so well together that the story just keeps pulling you through like a mother lion carrying her cub (yeahhh… I just said that).


This installment of “Tomb Raider” has allowed the franchise to start from scratch and build Lara to be the character whom we all know so well. There are tons of gunfights, explosions, and of course, TOMB RAIDING! With the game keeping you on a steady path through the main campaign, you won’t get lost, even if you try harder than trying to impress a first date. There are many secret tombs that you can discover, solve and reap your reward for, but all are optional. All of the tombs are extremely fun and highly recommend doing as many as you can. As Lara, you are given the opportunities at “base camps” to improve your abilities and upgrade and improve any and all the weapons you collect throughout your endeavors. The weapons are surprisingly simple and the mechanics of using them are even simpler. You can enjoy this game being completely hidden with stealthy, quiet movements or come out seeking revenge killing everything in sight.

The pace at which the game is played feels perfect. I wouldn’t have any other way than how the guys at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics made it to be. The movements are more fluid than that of the “Uncharted” series but not as perfect as “Assassins Creed III.” The thing that has made me happiest about this game, is moving from cover to cover. Lara knows exactly when to crouch and hide when enemies are close and there are no difficult maneuvers to perform when moving to another cover surface. I’ve had trouble trying to make myself go to sleep because it’s been so addicting and is constantly mind-provoking. The amount of relics, hidden treasures and little things to collect along the way make for a great experience.


As for the multiplayer portion, well, there isn’t a whole lot to say about it. There are many characters to unlock and choose from as well as creating your own custom load-outs. The multiplayer is fun but it definitely is not the game’s strong suit. If you’ve played any of the Uncharted games online in multiplayer, then you know how this will be. Not many maps or game modes, but if you’re looking for a break from the campaign (for some odd reason) then go ahead and hop onto multiplayer for a bit and give it your best shot!

This new remake of our beloved Lara Croft is one for the ages. It screams adventure while letting us see the young untainted model of the Lara we all love. One question remains after playing: how can she go through all of these things and still remain so freakin’ hot?? Maybe that’s a question better left unanswered and just enjoy the game. Well whatever your fancy, give “Tomb Raider” a go, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

“Tomb Raider” is available at Tomb Raider’s official website

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