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GeekSmash is a marketing and PR agency focused on serving the entertainment related industries and geek culture based companies. We provide SEO, Internet marketing, PR, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.
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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You’ve perfected your product or service and you’re confident there’s a need within your market. Your problem? No one knows who you are. Whether you’re new to the game or you’re well established, our team will help you conquer obscurity. We’ll do a thorough keyword research for both you and your top three competitors, then optimize your onsite SEO to improve your visibility on the web and increase brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Plus+

Right now, your target market is scrolling through Facebook and hashtagging on Instagram. What are you doing to get their attention? Posting to your page isn’t enough! Let our team of social media wizards help you by forming a strategy for organic engagement and growth. We’ll join social media groups, share your posts, promote cross-platform, creatively utilize hashtags, join in discussions, hold contests, do surveys, boost posts, and make announcements on your behalf.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Our team has spent years building and maintaining relationships with influencers in the pop culture industry. Whether you’re marketing apparel, toys, collectibles or jewelry, we’ll make sure notables within our industry share your products with upwards of millions of their loyal followers. The result is that you’re no longer the only one saying your product is great, you have an army of highly reputable experts weighing in with the same opinion!

Celebrity Management
Influencer Management

Whether you’re well established or still figuring things out, we can help! Our team will work tirelessly to get you interviewed on podcasts and blogs, booked at cons and events, speaking as a VIP guest, and featured on television programs and commercials. In addition, utilizing the power of our digital marketing expertise, we spread the word and create a buzz around each appearance, taking things multiple steps further than any other management agency…period.

Paid Marketing
Paid Marketing (Facebook, Google, Etc.)

If your goal is to increase brand awareness and share your product with potential customers, we’ll form a paid marketing strategy that aligns with your target market. Based on your search volume, we’ll strategically position Google, social media, and retargeting ads where they’ll effortlessly convert to closed sales.

Content Marketing
Content Creation

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we know your customers because we are your customers. Who else better to target your market than your market, itself? When we come on board as your marketing partner, we learn your company’s voice, write engaging content that resonates with your demographic, and distribute it throughout the pop culture space.

Discussion Marketing
Discussion Marketing

We set up accounts on forums, blogs, social media and video sharing sites. Our premium software monitors all channels and alerts us if someone mentions one of your key words. Next, we’ll chime into the convo for you.

E-Commerce Marketing
E-commerce Marketing

With a methodical and tactical approach, we’ll list your products or services in the marketplace in a way that will guarantee maximum exposure and sales for your business.

Graphic and Video Design
Graphic & Video Design

The entertainment industry is full of bright lights and loud noises. Because we want you to stand out from the crowd, we’ll create visually stimulating website graphics, print ads, logos and videos that represent your brand and hook potential customers.

Public Relations
Public Relations

Whether you’re new to the industry or well established, we can help you increase exposure and develop lasting relationships within our space. We boast an existing database of thousands of bloggers, reporters and influencers who help us place our clients in areas where they’ll gain the most exposure to their target market.

Con/Expo Marketing

We’ve attended cons for years with a special attention on creative marketing; so, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll work closely with you to form a step-by-step strategy to make sure your next appearance at a con gives you a higher ROI than anything you’ve done before.

Brand Representation
Brand Representation

If you’re located outside of the United States or you’re new to the industry, we’ll throw on our capes and attend cons and trade shows on your behalf, cheerfully sharing your products and services with fellow geeks.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

To this day, email marketing is still the highest converting method for marketing a product or service online. Unlike other marketing companies who blast out spam with no aim or direction, we design and send targeted and beautiful emails to your subscribers. Our emails are full of culture and provide engagement, stimulation, and value to your subscribers.

Ad Buying
License Acquisition

We work with some of the top brands in our space, such as Walt Disney Studios, ABC, MGM, and many more. They’re always looking to expand their stable of quality licensees and we’re here to connect your brand with theirs! As your agent, we’ll process your documentation, negotiate terms, prepare your marketing plan, and help you to get as much from your new license as possible.

Let GeekSmash launch your business to new heights!